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Framed Photographers


Eric Mickelson


Originally from the rolling hills of the Midwest, I spent the summer after college working in the North Cascades, fell in love with the mountains and rivers and never left.  I enjoy nothing better than a day spent ripping flowy singletrack, running a stretch of tumbling whitewater, or rambling down the trail with a pack on my back.   The Pacific Northwest is a special place, and we are uniquely lucky to have such a year-round diversity of outdoor pursuits available to us.  I aim to capture images that tell stories about our interactions with the landscape and our companions- the shared experiences that are among the reasons why so many of us love spending time outdoors.  My wife and I live in Bellingham, Washington where we spend as much time as possible outside exploring the coasts, rivers, and mountains near our home.  Trails are only five minutes from our front door.







Austin Siadak


I hate writing bios.  How can a paragraph explain all of who you are as a person?  At 23 I spent half my meager life savings on a camera, computer, and some editing software, even though I didn't know how to use any of it.  I knew I loved climbing, I was deeply inspired by the photos and stories of others, and I wanted to spread that passion and inspiration myself.  After a lot of mistakes, a little bit of luck, and many days both out in the mountains and in front of the computer I've managed to learn a thing or two about cameras and stories.  I've shot and edited numerous award-winning adventure films, had photos published in Alpinist, Rock and Ice, and Climbing, and worked for Patagonia, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, and many others.  All of that means little, however, compared to the incredible people, communities, and landscapes I've encountered along the way.  I try to capture images that inspire others to get outside, spend time with good friends, and live lives of passion.  






Jay Goodrich


Jay Goodrich is an internationally published adventure photo journalist living in the mountains surrounding Jackson, Wyoming.


He spends six months out of the year traveling the world creating stories about riding bikes on dirt and skis on snow. Recent clients include Audubon, Bike, Dirt Rag, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Powder, The Sierra Club, and many more.


In addition, he is a contributing photographer and writer to Powder, The Ski Journal, Backcountry, Bike, Dirt Rag, and Outdoor Photographer magazines. 


Jay teaches about a dozen photography workshops in North America each year, in addition to leading photographers to some of the most remarkable international destinations on the planet


His work is represented by Tandem Stills + Motion ( and Wonderful Machine ( Things that make him happiest are his wife, kids, and really expensive tequila. You can make donations to...


And if you are looking to improve the quality of your photographs this fall, download Jay’s free photography tune-up ebook at:






Joe Sullivan


Hello. My Name's Joe Sullivan. At various times I'm a photographer, product designer, skier, biker, paraglider pilot, globetrotter, work-aholic or lazy bastard. I love to travel, but it's always great to come home to the Pacific Northwest where I was born and raised. I'm honored to be involved in Framed and I'm excited to take a stab at capturing life in and around Leavenworth. Hope you enjoy! &










Corey Warren


Hi, I'm Corey. The more I shoot, the more I realize it's so much less about the camera, the lens, or even the lighting. It's about being totally present and aware of the natural compositions that exist all around us and how they present themselves. To me photography is about meeting the moment with honesty and curiosity, and taking a special story home with me to share with my friends and family. There's something deeply satisfying and rewarding about capturing a moment in time, something totally magical that keeps my eyes wide and my heart open to the possibilities of the next frame. "She shows us only surfaces, but nature is a million fathoms deep." -RWE



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