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What is stewardship?

The goal of the Leavenworth Mountain Association is to coordinate with stakeholders in order to keep our climbing areas clean, improve trails to climbing areas, and to maintain climbing access.

Successes and Ongoing Efforts
  •  The LMA works with stakeholders to maintain access to climbing areas. Notable successes include:

    • Fridge Boulder

    • Careno Crag

    • Mountaineer's Dome

  • The LMA has Improved trails at Castle Rock, Forestlands and Mountaineer's Dome. 

  • The LMA pays for the portable toilets at the parking areas for Forestlands, Mad Meadows, the Sword, and others. 

  • The LMA  has organized the Icicle Canyon Cleanup Since 2012.

  • The LMA organized the first Icicle Graffiti Cleanup in 2018

  • The LMA founded and helped finance gear for the Cascade Climbing Club - an ASB climbing club in Leavenworth's local public schools 

  • The LMA has partnered with the US Forest Service, the Access Fund, and Washington Climbers Coalition to give Leavenworth climbers a voice.

What are our goals?

We are currently working with the Forest Service and other stakeholders to: 

  • Build and improve trails to climbing areas

  • Install trail signs to climbing areas

  • Install more toilets to accommodate increased use of our climbing areas

  • Keep camping in the Icicle free and first come, first served

  • ​Maintain access to alpine climbing in the Enchantments while protecting wilderness and the environment.

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