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Friday September 27th, 2013
Framed Open at Icicle Brewing Company

Saturday September 28th, 2013
Framed Invitational at Snowy Owl Theater

With  the advances in technology, namely smart phones, and the domination of social  media, photographs are now being taken at an alarming rate. Remember the days  of dropping off film and getting to see your images for the first time?  Remember what you did with your favorites… the very best pictures? You framed  them. Now, we're posting photos on our Facebook wall instead of our living room  wall. With the idea of highlighting only the very best photos, Icicle Brewing  Company has created Framed, Leavenworth's newest event.


Framedis a bi-annual photography competition dedicated to highlighting the uniquebalance of action sports and the beauty that surrounds Leavenworth, Washington.Its purpose is to showcase the diversity of recreational opportunities, uniquelifestyle, and beautiful landscape available within the Upper Wenatchee Valleythrough the eyes of professional photographers; bringing with them an artisticpoint of view to an already stunning environment. This event and the photos itproduces will not only be a way of accentuating our surroundings but alsoprovide a canvass for future protection and advocacy of the Upper Valley. Likethe name implies, our goal is to create something worth keeping, something toFrame.


The 5 "invite-only" photographers will have 3 days to shoot photosfor 3 disciplines:


Action: Photographers will come with expertise in an array of sports such as; climbing, biking, hiking, fishing, river running, skateboarding, etc. The idea is not to limit the event to one category but keep it open to interpretation in regards to "Action", which in turn will highlight the variety of the area. Think… Multisporting.


Leavenworth Lifestyle: Along with the lifestyle of the activities these photographers choose to photograph, we ask that they capture the overall lifestyle of Leavenworth in regards to its Bavarian theme,    community, arts/entertainment, and natural surroundings.


Brewery: To add something unique to the photo contest, we are adding a category never before seen. The goal of this category is to show the connection between local outdoor communities and their local breweries  as a meeting place or any other way they chose to interpret the connection …  highlighting the importance of supporting local breweries/businesses, with the focus of quality over quantity… beer worth framing.


Each photographer will create a 3-5 minute  slideshow and on Saturday,  September 28th from 7-10pm. Icicle Creek Center for the Arts will  host the professional slideshow at the Snowy Owl Theater where their work  will be voted upon by a panel of judges. Following the slideshows, they will be premiering STAND, a surf & SUPfilm about a threatened coast.


On Friday, September 27th, as a precursor to the Saturday event, Icicle Brewing Company and Icicle TV are hosting the "Framed Open" featuring a slideshow of the photography submitted to Icicle TV's online photo contest. Guests will also enjoy music by the local band Rib and the V.I.People. *Free to all ages - Music from 6pm-10pm and Slideshow from 7pm-8pm


For more up-to-date information on Framed check it out on FACEBOOK.

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