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Framed Open Submissions March 10-21

Framed Showing March 29th Leavenworth Festhalle 7pm!

2014 Winter Framed

Josh Thompson, Contributor


Josh started shooting snowboarding photography

in 1996 after jumping into a helicopter with this

crazy photographer/writer named John Erben. They were in Valdez, Ak and John was shooting a story for Snowboarder Mag. After the heli dropped them off on the peak, Josh started picking Johns brain about photography and shooting snowboarding. Josh thought, "This guy is nutso ... and I want his job!" That was the beginning of a life long passion of snowboarding and photography. In 1998, he moved to Bellingham, WA. That just happened to be the record snowfall year at Mt.Baker. Josh said to himself, "I've never seen it snow so much in my entire life! I'm never leaving this place", and so he never left Washington. He continues to shoot snowboarding, skiing, lots of wakeboarding in the summer, and many other action sports. A few years back, Josh decided that maybe he should go to school for photography to pursue is lifelong dream of being a high fashion photographer. His dream was to fly off to exotic places with beautiful women and do swimsuit shoots all day. As a matter of fact, he's dreaming about that right now as I write this. As of right now, when he isn't out shooting high flying action, he's in a make shift studio somewhere shooting greeting cards and other equally exciting stuff. To be honest, although it's not gorgeous models, he still loves the fact that he can create beautiful images and make a living all the while.

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Sam Giffin, Contributor


Born on the cusp of the digital age (1984), Sam dove into the art of capturing images through video. But when DSLR cameras started to take over the video world, Sam saw a need to step back--to become, first and foremost, a photographer. He studied the art of the still image--applying an appreciation for it that only can be shared with those who shoot 300 frames-per-second! And the reflection in his film work is apparent. Originally from Gold Hill, Colorado, Sam now resides on Lummi Island and Mt. Baker.

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Daniel Looman, Contributor

Growing up in the mitten state of Michigan I had an appreciation for the elements, specifically the water, snow, ice and storms of the Great Lakes. I’ve always enjoyed art, so once I picked up a camera, I realized I could combine my love of the elements with photography. Soon after, my travels with surfing, snowboarding, and volunteering took me to 35+ countries. This helped develop my photography as well as my appreciation for people, culture, religion and social justice. Landing in the northwest has opened up new opportunities and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.


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Jason Thompson, Contributor


What I Do……is strive for simplicity. My highest goal is to capture images that reveal the human connection with nature. In a digital age, I want to remember the soul. My images……are the product of my lifestyle. They tell stories inspired by nature, adventure, and the human experience. They cultivate a passion for adventure and a moment of reverence. They teach the viewer to breathe. My life……has been a journey dictated by my art. My passion for documenting adventure began when I was child in the Olympic National Park, and it’s only grown. I spent my twenties as a ski patroller and international mountain guide, and I’m grateful for the lessons I learned through these experiences. Through working with clients and athletes who share similar visions, I am creating a career that leaves me satisfied, yet with so much room to grow through creative collaborations made in the outdoors. I bring the same quiet confidence to managing safety in the mountains, planning a remote ski expedition to the Republic of George, or overseeing a photo shoot near my home in Bozeman, Montana. I’ve gone out of my way to learn who I am.

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Max Hasson, Contributor


Climbing has directed my life for a little over ten years, taking me to beautiful and awe-inspiring places. Eventually I picked up a camera and realized the potential for documenting these adventures and the people I share them with.


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Framed Open Slideshow

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos! Each one was awesome and captured their own unique quality of why we love Leavenworth, Washington as a place to recreate and a place to call home. Here is the slideshow along with the top 10 photos, judge's choice honorable mention, and the winner.


Check out the photos!  Slideshow will be shown March 29th.


Framed Photographers
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